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Image by Conor Sexton



The Oyster Shack is a family business that began in the midst  of the pandemic. It was born out of the love for eating fresh oysters, seafood and connecting with people over a fine dining experience. As our homemade recipes made it to our clients' hands for their enjoyment, we realized how important good, fresh food is to human connection between family and friends. We set our roots in the heart of the capitol of Puerto Rico, San Juan. There we serve our freshly opened oysters, clams, crudo, and refreshing ceviche. 


Our distributors work with over 1,000 small scale fishermen in America to increase consumer demand for local, traceable and sustainable food. This helps The Oyster Shack to not only provide our visitors with the freshest seafood possible, but also help local fishermen thrive and keep the art of fishing alive. They bring our dishes from the tide to your tables at our establishment.

Image by Conor Sexton

All fresh seafood is seasonal. That means that our daily selection changes as we can only serve you what the tide has provided for us that day. So while we can't guarantee you'll find any one specific delicacy the next time you visit us,  what we can guarantee is that whatever we have available to serve you will be deliciously fresh and healthy to eat. 

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