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Image by Conor Sexton



The Oyster Shack started off as a little diversion during the pandemic. But Jaime's love for oysters turned it into a special eatery for seafood, cocktails, and of course, oysters.  

Since a young age, Jaime remembers going out with his father to eat oysters at the street vendors in Isla Verde. Coming from a family of oyster aficionados, he grew up on shucking oysters on the weekends for his family to enjoy. Following his college years, he frequented small, local distributors o get fresh fish and oysters. There he would meet chefs that would answer all his questions about food. That was his only formal food education. Being an engineer with a passion for food and cooking, he liked to keep things simple and that's what The Oyster Shack offers: simple plates that taste great because of fresh ingredients and incredible sources.


A week after the pandemic hit in March of 2020, Jaime took his office equipment to his house and decided to start a business following his lifelong passion for seafood. He started Simply Fresh Local, which would deliver homemade ceviches, guacamole, oysters, and natural juices to people's houses. All of this was done with the help of his family. It was this practice that helped bring The Oyster Shack to life. 

Image by Conor Sexton

Jaime made great connections with fishermen and seafood providers during his run with Simply Fresh Seafood. Most restaurants were closed during lockdown, so all the seafood distributors were willing to have their fresh stock supplied to us. That close relationship was carried over to The Oyster Shack and we maintain it to this day. This is what makes us so proud of our food, it's fresh and comes from the best ethical sources.

At The Oyster Shack, we take pride in our fresh seafood. Our oysters are juicy with a sweet, briny flavor that is perfect for any occasion. Our ceviche is made with fresh, local ingredients and citrus fruit for a zesty but balanced flavor. Our signature crudo is light and fresh with raw tuna and herbs, perfect for a light dinner or a snack. Nestled in the heart of Condado, our mission is to provide our customers with a unique and matchless seafood dining experience. We make sure each one of our customers leaves feeling truly satisfied. Come visit us and experience the freshness and flavor of the best seafood around.  

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